People search the internet daily trying to find out how to earn an extra income working from home.  An extra income means money that you can earn apart from your regular employment or normal work. This earning can be used to pay off your outstanding debts or build up a capital account or spend it on luxuries that you could only think about before. Everyone seems to want a second income but no one wants to work a second job, so the extra income is normally seen as a windfall.

Do You Have a Need for an Extra Income

When we compare income levels in different countries, it is evident that the average income per person in Jamaica is less than US$10,000 a year–in other words, where many people are near the breadline — Extra Income really does make people happier and improves their lifestyle.

The fact that almost everything in Jamaica is tied to the United States dollar makes it difficult to earn a substantial living from a regular nine to five job.  The price of goods and services at set according to the appreciation or depreciation of the United States dollar.  Because the Jamaican dollar is always devaluing manufacturer have to pay more for imported raw material and obviously, this has to be factored in the cost of the product.

So are you feeling the pinch of all this? or Are you one of the fortunate few who is sailing smoothly because money is not your problem?  Majority of the hard-working people of Jamaica are barely getting by – as my grandmother would say “they are living from hand to mouth.”  They can hardly pay their bills or take care of other obligations.

This has caused a lot of stress for some people, for some, it has broken up the family while for other it has driven them to get involved in illegal activities.  I have been there, well I am not fully out of the woods, I have just started on the road to financial freedom.  I have found a way to earn extra income and would like to share it with you.

Earn an Extra Income Working from Home in Jamaica

There are many ways you can earn an extra income working from home but for this article, we will look at how to earn an extra income online working from home in Jamaica.   The choices are numerous so you have to ask yourself what are your strengths and weaknesses.  What do you excel at? What do people around them keep complimenting or criticizing you on? For example, if you are computer literate you could help others in upgrades, repairs or installation of software.

The extra income can also be augmented by doing selling goods or services to people online who are desperately searching for those products.  These are just a few ideas, but making an extra income augmented with self-analysis will take away the need for a second job.

I have been earning an extra income now for the past 12 months and it is getting better as the months go by.  I earn from two main sources these are

  • Freelancing
  • Affiliate marketing

Freelancing is very wide so I have concentrated on three areas from which I make money these are transcribing, article writing and data entry.

Affiliate Marketing

This is my main income earner I absolutely enjoying doing it although it is very time-consuming. Today I would like to share this method of earning online with you.  I found an excellent program which teaches and guide me step by step how to earn money as an affiliate marketer.  This program is called Wealthy Affiliate (see full detail on this program).

Affiliate marketing has offered me the option of earning from it part-time or go into it as a full-time job.  It has the potential of allowing me to earn thousands or even millions as long as I am willing to put in the necessary work that is required.  This type of income earner requires commitment, dedication, perseverance and integrity.  As long as you are willing to commit your time, resources and energy you can earn a whole lot from affiliate marketing.

Take that bold step today and learn how to make an extra income working from home in Jamaica.  Make that first step on your journey towards your financial freedom today.

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