Being a makeup artist is one of the trendiest career of recent times. Do you know how to become a freelance makeup artist?

Well, with the emergence of facebook, instagram, snapchat and all the other social media platforms where influencers post daily, makeup has become an integral part of all this.

People want to look good and make a statement all the time and they can always do so because makeup has allowed most of them to do this immaculately. In this article I will tell you all about how to become a freelance artist.  

The performing arts industry as well as the fashion industry has pretty well captured and fully utilizes the talents and creativeness of makeup artist.  However, these are only some of the areas that demand the talent and experienced of professional makeup artist. So how can you become a freelance artist in Jamaica?

Being a freelance artist…..

The good thing about being a makeup artist is that you don’t have to be employed to anyone to be successful; he or she can survive and thrive in the freelance business.

Becoming a makeup artist comes with a lot of dedication and time consumption much like any other industry. It takes determination, practice, education and skills training to transform into a makeup expert. Once the qualifications are attained then a freelance makeup artist can flourish.

Being a makeup artist is a good choise for a career not only does it pays well it also gives you the independence of being your own boss instead of being tied down to a regular nine to five job.

Who is a Makeup Artist?

A makeup artist is a professional, who applies cosmetic techniques and procedures to make an individual look attractive. In simple words, a makeup artist hides out flaws and brings out the color to enhance the appearance of a male or female.

In extravagance words, a makeup artist creates special effects or characters for theater, photography, television or film. Makeup artists are in high demand in social or commercial events like wedding, corporate headshot, fashion shows, photo shoots, etc.

A freelance makeup artist is an individual who performs makeup on clients on a freelance basis rather than working for a beauty salon on a permanent employment basis.

This means that anyone who works on a per order basis and not under an employer to provide makeup services can be referred to as a freelance makeup artist.

The freelance artist has more of a flexible and comfortable job and develops their own clientele who can request services either through a phone call or email etc.

Any person who works as a freelance makeup artist may either perform duties at the home or address of the client or may set up his own studio and then perform the services there. These individuals may charge clients on the basis of services, quality of products and duration of the services.

The basic duties of a freelance makeup artist are no different from a regular permanently employed artist. If you are interested in becoming a freelance makeup artist, then the following information will help you:

Becoming a successful makeup artist is a little hard task. You need to get the required skills, training, certification, license, and patience. It will be a rewarding career if you have a keen interest in this profession.

Your earned skills to mention what color lipstick would do the best on someone’s lips after having a quick assessment of their complexion will help you reap all that you want in this profession.

Places that Offer Makeup Artist Training in Jamaica

Makeup is an art so many of the best makeup artist in the business were self-taught or got little or no professional training.

However if you are a makeup artist, or you are interested in becoming one and you have no sillks in this area or you have little and want to learn more on how to succeed as a freelance makeup artist here are a few schools/courses you could get more information on.

It is always good to get certified and have the necessary documentation to display as this increases your potential of getting contracts or hired to do a job. Persons are skeptical when it comes to paying for goods and especially services they always want to know that they are paying for professional service.

Here are a few places in Jamaica where you can get professional training or sharpen your skills:

1. Jamaica Makeup School

This is a wonderful school if you are an aspiring makeup artist. The Jamaica Makeup School has established a base in Jamaica to make it easier for people to get professional makeup training.

Upon registration students are given their own makeup kit. This kit contains some of the best products that have been tried and proven. It also has a complete set of tools that will help you to achieve the perfect look at people crave.

2. Jamaica Makeup Courses

RPM Academy offers students the ability to practice and study the most cutting edge makeup application techniques in the world right from their own home. At RPM Academy we have an especially warm spot for beautiful Jamaica and they are excited to have established courses in your area.

There are innumerable things that contribute to making Jamaica such an amazing place.

3. D’Marie Institute

D’Marie Institute is a skills training school like no other. Winner of the City & Guilds Medal for Excellence Award 2014; Winner of the MUA Essential Award for Best Makeup School and Best in Makeup Artistry, 2014 and Winner of the JMUA Makeup Guru Award 2016. The institution is registered with Ministry of Education and Accredited by City & Guilds of London.

Dawn Lindo, founder, and CEO is committed to her craft, sharing her international expertise and knowledge with others where they can learn the subtle techniques of makeup artistry and the other skills areas that she delivers.

Motivating, dynamic, and inspirational all describe Dawn’s interaction with audiences during seminars, lectures, workshops and keynote speeches. Her enthusiasm and sincere desire to move her audience into action have captured the attention of many corporations looking for leadership and consulting in the areas of corporate customer service, grooming, and makeup training. Dawn is highly trained and skilled and will inspire you as she shares her real-world experiences working on runway shows, music videos, pageants and other events.

She has some 18 plus years in Business Management, personal care, and makeup industry, where she is respected as Leader, Motivational speaker, an innovative skin care specialist, makeup artist, master educator, lecturer, and businesswoman.

4. Heart Trust/ NTA College of Beauty Services 

The Heart Trust/NTA has been providing excellent training for ordinary Jamaicans over the years.  Their training is of world class standards and can compete in any forum.

Graduates of the programme have gone on to be professional makeup artist who own their own business or work for someone and is making an impact on the beauty in dustry.

Required Skills of a Freelance Makeup Artist

In order to become a successful freelance makeup artist you have to possess the right skills and creativity.  The following are some of the necessary skills needed to be in this profession:

  • Knowledge of different skin types and the makeup products suitable 
  • Creativity is a must should be able to deliver oiginal form of makeup
  • Be able to apply cosmetics and color according to the clients’ skin tone. You must master this skill to bring out the natural beauty of the client.
  • Having some photography skills is an asset
  • Should be artistic and bold enough to try new things.
  • Must have stamina and fitness as this job requires long hours of standing and working without taking breaks.
  • Knowledge of different products, makeup brands, brushes, and other tools is also vital.
  • Having good communication skills to be able to talk and communicate with clients is extremely important.
  • Ability to work on deadlines and take pressure well is also a skill needed by a freelance makeup artist.
  • If you’re not a freelancer, you must be a good team player
  • Understanding bone structure, eye size, and face shape is very important, as the makeup will vary from client to client according to their body structure and shape.
  • Styling hair is an essential skill and will give you advantage. You’ll need to apply wigs and colors to match the personality of the character. Facial hair management is another essential skill.
  • Time management and pressure handling are two important skills, as you’ll need to stick with the schedule and redo the makeup if not satisfied.
  • If you want to work in theater or film production, then you must know special effects makeup, as you may need to change the look of an artist to suit the character.
  • You’ll need to remove the makeup after the event/performance.
  • The fashion and makeup industry is changing continuously and to remain updated you must follow the trends.

How to Become a Freelance Makeup Artist

how to become a freelance makeup artist

Carving out a successful business as a freelance makeup artist is not an overnight event. Time and focus are required to develop the right set of skills, clients and contacts to reach a financial or personal pinnacle in this challenging profession.

So in order to be taken seriously, a freelance makeup artist needs to be on top of his or her game, owns a great makeup kit, a positive and upbeat attitude and a passion for the business. 

So lets look at how to become a freelance makeup artist:

1.  Get Trained
  • Learn the basics. Attend a cosmetology school that includes makeup application courses taught by professional makeup artists. A certification can give you an advantage over others when applying for a job.
  • Build your portfolio. Portfolios are photographs of your work used to gain paying jobs and show others what you do. You can build a portfolio by photographing the work yourself, exchanging services with a budding photographer or working in exchange for photos of your work. Look for work on student films, with independent film and television production companies, photographers or with local organizations producing fashion events or theater productions.
  • Work on your people skills. Makeup artists work in industries where demanding personalities and egos abound. Learn to accept direction from others, including directors, producers, photographers, and how to maintain focus on the job when under pressure. Your ego must take a back stage to the successful completion of a job if you expect to build a good reputation and get hired again.
  • Advance your skills. Specialized training or a certification from a makeup manufacturer can help advance your skills and career. Specialized training can include learning special effects applications, corrective techniques or the application of permanent makeup. Certifications earned from makeup manufacturers can help build a loyal clientele. Makeup artists with advanced skills have the potential to earn more income.
  • Broaden your network of contacts. Successful makeup artists make contact with lots of people to draw in high-paying work and continual business opportunities. Attend industry events, volunteer your services and look for work that can introduce you to new people, ideas and techniques.
  • Learn about marketing and advertising. Marketing and advertising are used to gain customers, establish a brand or image and extend your visibility. Study what others are doing to advertise their makeup business and take classes in small business marketing to gain a basic understanding of how to promote your skills and expertise.
2. Seek opportunities to further your skills and stretch your talents.

Practice what you know on family and friends, volunteer your services and grab every opportunity to try new tools, products and develop your own style. As in any profession, success comes from staying focused and learning as much as you can about your chosen profession.

Makeup artists begin their careers working numerous non-paying or low paying jobs to get experience and gain familiarity within the industry.

3.  Practice. Practice. And then practice some more.

We all know practice makes perfect, and makeup artistry is no exception. Whether it’s trying out different looks on yourself or your friends, the more you do it, the better you’ll be.

Practice is key,  learning from professionals is important to becoming a truly great artist, but making practice part of your everyday routine is also critical.”

4. Get online and market yourself.

Thanks to the internet, the beauty world has changed drastically: If you want to be successful, you have to have a web presence. “Social media has had a huge impact on makeup artistry,” John says. “Think of all the YouTube and Instagram sensations out there! What’s amazing is that there’s a whole new way to experience ideas.” Simone agrees that social media can help artists stay relevant: “The more you expose your work and are exposed to others’, the more you’ll grow.”

Tips and Advice to Help Advance your Career as a Makeup Artist

Never Take Anything Personal

Learn to never take anything personal and to remember to have fun! Keep in mind it’s an art, and so know what kind of artist you want to be first. This is the way you can find and develop your signature style.

No Hard Rules:

There are no rules to makeup, but always try to learn new tricks and ways of expanding your craft. Never talk back to a mentor or try to outshine the key artist when you are only an assistant. If your work is good, it will be noticed. And always try something you think you are not good at to get better and perhaps discover a new talent.
Spend Time to Create a Portfolio

If you aspire to a career in NYC or LA, then I would spend time working on a portfolio, and then call a few agencies to see if they might be interested in seeing your book. Another way would be to go to salons and see about assisting or find photographers who need makeup artists.
Never Stop Practicing 

For the beginning artist, but practice, practice, practice! Use your face to try looks on yourself every day. Try things you saw in videos and note areas you needed to work on.

Choosing the Type of Makeup Artist You Want to be

As a professional makeup artist, there are several directions that you can take depending upon what kind of makeup artist you want to become.

Having said that, it is wise to gain some experience in your top three choices to get more hands on experience and to confirm where your passion lies and where you excel.

Be open minded and ready to learn in any situation that may present itself . Seek advice from older, established beauty industry experts.

You may wish to seek out bridal makeup artists, industry photographers, makeup counter representatives for makeup artist brands, salon makeup artists, and freelance makeup artists who are willing to share their knowledge.

Exploring Career Options

Some of these makeup artist options may give you a  consistent pay check and provide the experience you need to build your portfolio to advance in the industry. 

Department store makeup artist:

This job is a perfect way to gain industry experience.  Rather than working for the actual department store, work to get an interview with the makeup artist brand to become one of their in-store event pro artists.

This may provide steady income while providing you with some flexibility to build your portfolio and meet with photographers and production companies. This job can involve sales and is usually commission based.

Bridal makeup artist:

Get a business card made and contact the local bridal photographers and bridal shops. Ask them if they use or recommend makeup artists.

This type of artistry work involves doing consultations and pre-wedding run throughs. If you do not have your portfolio yet, try to assist a busy working bridal artist first while you build your portfolio and web site images.

Salon, beauty & personal beauty service:

Higher-end beauty salons will typically have an area for a pro makeup artist to apply makeup for clients who are attending special events such as weddings and parties. Salon makeup artists may also be asked to provide makeup tutorials.

Media production: film, television & commercials:

The media production path is by far the most complex career option in makeup artistry; it is very large area that offers many choices. Shooting a film can take weeks or months whereas a regular TV show would provide a weekly shooting schedule.

Media production makeup artists work with actors, producers and directors. You will be working on a large production set, and will work closely with others in your field such as hair, wardrobe, and costume designers.

Print makeup artist:

A print makeup artist will work with models and photographers hired by magazines, catalogs companies, fashion shows and editorials.

Most of the editorial makeup artist jobs are booked through representation from an agency and are shot in studios and on location.

To work in editorial requires a strong portfolio; the better your book, the higher paying the job.

These trends change rapidly and most learned fashion looks do not apply to being a fashion makeup artist. Advertising and fashion will most always have an art director that dictates the unique feel or look of the model for the line or advertisement.

Theatrical makeup artist:

There are several theatrical makeup opportunities available.   Do your canvassing and seek out where the service is needed.

Ensure your portfolio reflects your capability to work in this industry.

How to be a Successful Freelance Makeup Artist in Jamaica

Train with a Great makeup school:

Naturally, you ought to be aware that nothing beats getting skilled training. Save up some cash and go get a few courses from among these elite schools around.

Open an Instagram accounts:

What better way to publicize your abilities than to display them off on Instagram? Each makeup artist must possess an Instagram accounts (unless of course that you would like to stay low-key) and be certain that you post each and every job that you do on Instagram.

Get a Fantastic camera:

The level of your photographs is as essential as the makeup itself. Bad cameras can do your job no justice, and you should always plan to make every picture as perfect as you can.

Download filter programs:

Do not be duped, a great deal of successful makeup artists use a little extra assistance to make their works come out looking as pretty as they wind up looking. Filter programs are extremely valuable tools for everybody who would like to conduct a successful cosmetics enterprise.

Practice on your family and friends

Get as many family and friends as you can and makeover their faces frequently. In this manner, you will have pictures to install and display on social media.

Network with other makeup artists:

You want to target the hottest makeup artists and attempt to make them be your buddies. Stalk their webpages, get friendly, comment on their articles and suggest meet ups whenever it possible. You have to understand who they know, see what they see, breathe the exact same air as them.

Be creative:

You cannot make a name for yourself or stand out when you aren’t creative with your job. Consider the box, do insane, bizarre fashions and display them in your own webpage. The purpose is to demonstrate how passionate you’re about your job and show how flexible you’re.

Get your hustle up game:

Nobody succeeds in this company by simply sitting around and waiting for customers to return to them. girl!, you must put in work.
There you have it, women. Go on and live the life you have always wanted.

Good Luck and all the best in your makeup artisit career.


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