Maybe you are trying to figure out how to keep on moving – It is simple just get up and keep moving,  you are not alone.  Life is about happiness, sadness, success, failures, falling and rising, beginnings, endings, hellos, goodbyes, and more than anything picking up the pieces and moving on.

Time stops for no one and darts are thrown at us every day.  If you are down at this moment, you don’t have to stay down, rest assured you are not alone.

How to keep on moving

Even If You are Feeling Down and Don’t Know How to Keep on Moving Just Get Up

It is possible that you have a story of some sort you could share.  Whether it was just waking up late and had to rush to work or you have some bigger pressing issues, looming to cause havoc in your life. For all of you nodding your head or saying, “yes”: You are not alone.  Even if you don’t know how to keep on moving just get up and keep moving.

Have you ever felt like every time you have things under control and everything is going fine, something or someone always comes along and just rocks your world and everything comes tumbling down?

At this point, everything seems to be against you-you feel like your friends/family have turned on you.  You lost your job, your business just collapsed, you can’t meet your obligations, the bills are stacking up, your spouse just left you.  You found out that someone in your family is sick or you are just feeling frustrated and confused at this time – don’t know how to keep on moving just get up.

Get Up No Matter What the Circumstances

Get up, no matter how badly you have been hurt no matter how much of an impact it has on your life and those around you.  You have to figure out how to keep on moving, so get up and keep moving.  Life is dynamic and you will always encounter life-changing experiences some will break you and some will make you stronger.

Just tell yourself situations will always come either by circumstances beyond your control or from poor decisions you have made. Regardless of what happen you have to understand such is life. Find a way how to keep on moving and get up.

I know you might be saying that is easy for you to write or say, you don’t know the half of what I am going through you have life easy so you can say anything. That might be true because I don’t know what you are going through and maybe it is more than I could take, however, I have had my fair share of life’s obstacles.

I Have Been There Too

Five years ago I lost my job and within three years my small business collapsed and I lost my house and my car. Fast forward five years later I am an online business entrepreneur – this is a leap of faith I will tell you about another time. It was not easy to figure out how to keep on moving but I got up and moved.

The urge to feel sorry for myself was overwhelming, in fact, I almost gave up on life. However, in the midst of my depression, I began telling myself that there had to be a way out – and the rest they say is history.

How many times have you been working on something and you get to the end of it you realize it was not done properly so you have to do it all over. That is not a nice feeling, it sucks. I know – I’ve been there. But what to do, if it is important you just have to do it again. You might get angry, curse, throw it down but in the end, you just have to do it again.

Sometimes the situations that come upon us in life, some are simple while others are difficult and complicated. You lose your job and your whole world crumbles immediately you start to experience a plethora of problems – you question your ability, people’s loyalty to you and the system.

You get emotional, angry or sad just step away from the situation for a minute and look at the job you lost and the issues you had to deal with while working there and you will get through the moment. It is now time to figure out how to keep on moving and get up.   Life is not waiting for you.

My Advice

I want you to understand that you are not alone in this thing.  We all have been there at some point in our lives. Some of us have gotten a harder blow from our fall than others. Some of us have got bruises whiles other have had open wounds.  However, regardless of what your injuries might have been the good thing is, we are still here and as they say once there is life there is hope.

You have been given one more chance to GET UP and move on – understand that your feelings are not unique and it is totally okay to feel what you are feeling. These feelings will eventually go away as long as you don’t nurture them.  The quicker you realize that you are the only one who can change the course of your future so the quicker you figure out how to keep on moving and get up the better it will be for you.

Just Sort out How to Keep on Moving and Get Up

Let us learn the lesson life is teaching us.  The quicker we learn the faster we will move on – it’s like taking a final exam in school to move on to the next level.  If you fail you will not move up and you will have to re-sit the exam. So it is depended on you to apply all that you have learnt so that you will not fail the re-sit, and you will be able to move to the next level.

Now that you have read to the end it means that you are ready to apply the “How to keep on moving” strategy and GET UP.  It does not matter how long you have been down.   You have to make the decision to get up and you will get help to move on. Take that bold step now don’t even think about where you fell from just focus on brushing off yourself and get moving again.

how to keep on moving

I found this great article written by James Clear.  “What to do When I Feel Like Giving Up”

Take a read I found it to be good.

I am here to assist you in whatever way I can; feel free to contact me.

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