how to make a change in your lifeDo you know how to make a change in your life?  Today is the time for a change in your life.

Do you Know that your dreams can become your reality?  You owe it to yourself, your family and your country. This is one of the ways we can contribute to the rebuilding of this our beautiful island.

As Jamaicans let us cut the crap life is short, you have less time than you think there is no obeah man good enough to deliver you from your present situation. So instead of giving you the regular clique of – Everything is going to be alright and you are going to make it to the top! The truth is faith without works is dead. It is time for a change.

I just want to ask you: do you want to have a year with a difference? Or do you want to spend another year wallowing in self-pity and continue complaining that “nothing nah gwan”.   Do you want to nurture the mediocrity you have grown accustomed to and has accepted?  If you are comfortable with your life congratulations, you can stop reading – if not, Do you believe it is a time for a change?  This article is for you if you want to make a change for the better this year.

Here are a few things I want to ask you:

Why are You Here?

Let us be realistic, for too long you have been skirting around this issue and now is the time to face the music. It is time for a change. Why are you really here? what is your purpose in life? Are you making a meaningful contribution to society?   Yes, keep the answers coming because it is not good enough to be just here on earth taking up space there must be something you can contribute to the universe.

I believe it is our human responsibility to pay rent for our space here on earth.  We should pay our dues to mother nature for the air we breathe and the good health we enjoy.

What legacy will you leave behind when your journey here is ended? Will you be proud of your eulogy or will they have to interject after every sentence that you were a good person because they cannot find anything to say?  Do you know how to make a change in your life?

What do You Want out of Life?

how to make a change in your life

Please don’t tell me all you want money, sex, power, fame and plenty of entertainment.  Unless you are planning to continue living the sub-standard lifestyle you have grown accustomed to over the years. I am hoping you are thinking along the line that you are going to make some lifestyle adjustment which will propel your life in the right direction.

It is time for a change you can make a difference like volunteering your time to help others. You can also fight for a cause, to transform someone’s life and to do some self -development.  When you make positive changes in your life you will be surprised at how fast all the above things like the money, sex, fame and entertainment fall into place.

Until you make the relevant changes wealth and prosperity will always be an elusive dream.

So do you know how to make the change in your life?

How to Make a Change in Your Life – What does time for a change means to you?

Wow, how much does it matter to you to change your lifestyle for a better living? Would you give up Facebook, WhatsApp, texting, hanging with your friends, partying or sleeping to learn something new, work a few extra hours to make money to change the way you are living now?  How does going on a well-needed vacation whenever you like sounds to you?  Is buying your dream house, your dream car or securing your children’s college fee your dream? Guess what? All that is achievable.

Could you pass up that bling phone or sell it to invest in a life-changing activity. Would you trade that tablet or flat screen television to invest in a self- development course or investment in a business and take a risk at improving your life?   Are you comfortable in being the employee of the month again?  Is having a man/woman who takes care of you one of your goals?  Or your parents are overseas so they take care of the bills because you are still living in their house?

Evaluate your life today and see if you know how to make a change in your life.

What’s it Going to Take for you to Change?

You will not get very far in life playing Facebook games or video games. You need to start using that creative mind and the strategies you employ to play these games and put them to use in your personal life. The strategies you used to win those games could be transferred to your personal life.

Start using your entire being to channel positive vibes into your life. Use your mind, heart, soul, and body. Set your goals and strive to achieve them, set standards for your life and like up to them. Apply the “Law of Attraction” to your life – this law states that whatsoever you feed your mind on that is what you attract to yourself. If nothing less than a life worth living is your goal then it is time for a change.

Paint a mental picture of what you want your life to be and focus on it daily. Negative thoughts attract negative attitudes and behaviour while positive thought brings a positive result. If you keep telling yourself that life is rough then life will always be rough.  Find a way how to make a change in your life.

Who is on Your Side?

I know you want to be independent and the whole works.  You might not want people to know your business but no man is an island you are not “Lone Ranger”. There must be someone you can trust. If you are going to make a difference, you are not going to make it happen all by yourself. You need a mentor, family, close friends and good acquaintances. There should be someone to watch your back, who will keep you in line and measure your progress.

Check yourself and look around if you are sailing alone, something is wrong if there is no one around you. Evaluate your actions, attitude, your manners or your character and see if you have fallen short in any of these areas. If you are a natural loner you will have to make some life changing adjustment and find a way to incorporate people into your life.

What is Your True Character?

If you are going to live a life that matters, you need an ethical compass.  You need a belief system with true morals that points toward values that are lasting, meaningfully and good. Your values cannot be based on material things.

So what are your true values? What are the intrinsic things that you value the most?  What gives you the greatest pleasure, makes you smile or makes you cry? If your passion and values are centred around self and making money for pleasure and fame.   I can assure you a life of wealth and prosperity is going to remain an illusion to you.  As we say in Jamaica it is going to miss you like how” teeth miss fowl”.

What Breaks Your Heart?

Follow your passion, we’re often told. But how do you find your passion? Let me put it another way, what is it that breaks your heart about what is happening in the world?   This is where you will find what moves you. If you want to find your passion, surrender to your heartbreak. Your heartbreak points towards your true value.  It’s the difficult journey towards it that is, going to be the fulfilment of your heart. Follow your passion and mend your heart.

What is the Cost of Your Passion?

A fulfilled and well-lived life is not about material gains, the amount of money, houses, cars, sex partners or partying.   To live a fulfilled life it is going to take hard work, dedication, commitment, and perseverance. It’s going to take very real heartbreak, sorrow, grief, and disappointment. Only you can decide how much is too much.

Sometimes events or circumstances in life leads the individual to ask if it is worth it?    Many times we form relationships that break our heart and leaves us to question if the relationship is worth it.  There’s no easy answer the scales of life always hang before us and always ask us to weigh the burden of our choices carefully.  Sometimes it means making a change and shed some excess baggage and find out how to make a change in your life.

What Does All This Mean to You?

If all that is important in life to you is to make some money, drive a fancy car, wear designer clothes, have a lot of sex partners and party like a rock star then all the above will mean nothing to you.

Don’t get me wrong all those stuff are nice, well maybe not all but those are good things to aspire for and work towards but they should not be your passion. You should make those things incentive for hard work, dedication, perseverance and life achievements.

So for the rest of this year, and every year that follows, I want you to map an uncharted shore of potential: the capacity of life to dream, wonder, imagine, create, build, transform, love; and enjoy every moment of your life. You can only find life’s fulfilment in the exploration of the fullness of human possibility.

The Hero in You

There is a hero in every one of us that hidden strength that we fail to recognize and we leave dormant. Each of us has the capability to excel. However, if we kill the hero within us with self-doubt and scepticism and like our lives according to the dictate of others we would have squandered the fundamental significance of being human. The soil of our lives would become stagnant and we yield no fruit.

I am sure the about thoughts and ramblings are nothing new. You might have heard them before and you might have confronted yourself with these same issues. They are not even entirely my thoughts and ideas.  Over the years I have read and listen to so many influential persons and have applied some of these principles to my life.

I am not yet where I want to be but I am well on my way and I hope today will be the turning point in your life. It will be time for a change in all areas of your life.

So let me ask again. Why are you here? Do you want this to be another year that flies by, halfheartedly, arid, rootless, barely remembered, dull with dim glimpses of what might have been? Or do you want this to be a year that you savour, for the rest of your life?

The choice is yours. It always has been, make a change in your life.

My Experience

After a fail marriage and the loss of my job I thought I had reached the end of my journey. I literally gave up on everything and slumped into depression. Life no longer had any meaning if it had not been for the love and support of family and friends I am not sure what would have been the outcome. A few months later a friend of mine invited me to a meeting where an online business entrepreneur was going to give a presentation.

He gave a similar speech to the one above which jolted me out of my abyss of self-pity. I eventually join the program he was promoting, an MLM money making business (multi-level marketing). Anyway, after months of hard and intense work, it was yielding nothing. I made no money and I lost faith in it. It was at that moment I decided to do my own research on online business because he had now sparked my interest.  Living a better life and making a valuable contribution to society was always my dream.

After weeks of searching, I tried a few business opportunities that didn’t work. I was desperate to succeed so I bought get-rich-quick schemes that did not work, and I signed up for programs after programs trying to find the right one.

Similar Experience

You might have had similar experiences and you are probably thinking this is just another scam. You have lost all faith in the “Work At Home Dream” If you are like me you probably don’t know who to trust anymore. I just want you to know that I was there too.   I know what it feels like to spend your hard earn money on something you believe will make your life better only to find out it was another sales gimmick. Disappointed and dejected was how I felt until I realized that all this money I spent were not wasted it was actually the price I paid to be where I am today.

Let us take this Leap of Faith Together

how to make a change in your life

I gained valuable experiences that could not be taught otherwise.  This experience helped me to develop my own strategies and learned from my mistakes.  Life suddenly had a new meaning for me.   Making money was no longer for selfish gains.  It was now a necessity to change my standard of living as well as those around me.

I want to introduce you to this wonderful program that changed my life.  If you would like to change your life and those around you this can help.  If making some extra money will help you to realize your dreams this program is for you.

I learned so much and is still learning.  This program introduced me to a community of liked minded people who all wanted to succeed but had the time to help each other along the way.

It is a program that is designed for people who want to make a change in their lives at all level.  It allows you to transform your ideas into money and then build beautiful websites to make money online.  This definitely made a change in my life.  I hope you realize that it is time for a change in your life also.

This program has transformed the lives of thousands of ordinary people like you and me into successful business people.  I want you to give yourself a fighting chance to make a difference in your life.  Tell yourself it is time to make a change in my life.

What are you waiting for? Take that bold step and try this wonderful program today for FREE.  I will be waiting on the inside to offer any assistance you may need or to answer your questions.  Although I know you will not need me because of the expert teaching and advice you will receive.

Take a look at the program for further details.



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