jamaica vision 2030 goals

One of the buzzwords  in Jamaica now is  “Jamaica Vision 2030 “.  For some of us it means very little and for others, it’s just a phase or as we say in Jamaica “Nine Day Wonder”.

This basically is a thought, event or idea that will soon be forgotten. But what really is this Vision 2030. The

Theme: Jamaica, the place of choice to live, work, raise families and do business

What are Jamaica Vision 2030 Goals

What does this mean well it is a strategic plan to guide the country in achieving its goal of sustained development and growth by 2030. The guiding principles on which plan is built are:

Transformation of Leadership both private and public
Transparency and accountability
Social cohesion

The Goals are listed as follows:

1. Jamaicans empowered to achieve their fullest potential

2. The Jamaican society is secure, cohesive and just

3. Jamaican economy is prosperous

4. Jamaica has a healthy natural environment

What can I say – all that is more than a mouth full it is a lot to chew and I am not so sure we are ready to take on this challenge.

My Honest Opinion about Jamaica Vision 2030

This is a very tall order and will take most of us out of our comfort zones, many of us will have to change the way we think and our attitude towards life. The Strategic Plan states that in order for us to achieve this there are some core values that we all have to embrace. What are these core values?

–Honesty and truthfulness –Respect, trust, forgiveness and tolerance

–Discipline, punctuality, responsibility, love, compassion and cooperation

— National pride and good work ethic.

Stakeholders have outlined many strategies that will be engaged in order to make this vision a reality. The problem I am having with all of this is the fact that we are only 12 years away from this target.

However, we have not yet fixed the education system which is the driving force behind this grand plan. Most Jamaicans who will be in their prime working age by Jamaica Vision 2030 Goals get here are not being adequately prepared for this mammoth task.

Many are living in homes where there is no proper parental supervision there is no one to spend time with them to help them develop social basic skills.

They are left on their own, and some are constantly abused. There is even a greater concern for this projected working class of 2030 many of them have parents who lack the positive values and morals that are needed to teach their children so that they can develop to be socially well-adjusted, compassionate, contributing members of the society.

Challenges in achieving Vision 2030

Some of our other challenges are:

• Crime

• Inadequate health facility and equipment

• Inadequate facilities and resources for the security force and the justice system

• Next to zero level of transparency and accountability of our government

• The country’s high debt bill

• The need for tax reform

• Low productivity

• High unemployment rate

• Poor management of our environment and natural resources

• Affordable housing solution for all Jamaicans

This is all reflective in the current economic crisis

jamaica vision 2030 goals

For some of us, the present situation in Jamaica gives a feeling of hopelessness.  It would want us to think that we have lost it all and there is no way out of this mess this time around.

For others, it’s a way of riding out the storm and making the best of what is available and seize the opportunity now for a better life tomorrow.

Amidst all this, the Government t is a moment of desperation and the IMF has become their saviour. Vision 2030 is on shaky ground, however, if we put hands and heart together it can be achieved even partially.


I believe this Vision 2030 can be achieved if we individually own the vision and start working on our personal lives and ultimately our families.

Les Brown who is my favourite motivational speaker said that “we can expect to achieve new goals or move beyond our present circumstances unless we change”.

So I believe it is high time we all familiarize ourselves with the Vision 2030 document get educated about it, share it and start playing our part so that we can get on track to make this vision reality by 2030.

As our National pledge says:

Before God and all mankind, I pledge the love and loyalty of my heart, the wisdom and courage of my mind, the strength and vigour of my body in the service of my fellow citizens; I promise to stand up for Justice, Brotherhood and Peace, to work diligently and creatively, to think generously and honestly, so that Jamaica may, under God, increase in beauty, fellowship and prosperity, and play her part in advancing the welfare of the whole human race. Let us all challenge ourselves to live the words of our National Pledge.

jamaica vision 2030 goals

Feel free to add your comments/suggestions as to ways we can contribute to rebuilding this our beloved country.

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