Did you know there are hundreds of ways to make money online in Jamaica; here are 7 proven ways that people all over the world are using daily to make money online.

The good thing about these online opportunities you can work online from anywhere in the world as long as you have an electronic device like a computer, laptop, tablet or a smartphone and internet connection.

The truth is making money online is not as difficult as most people make it seem.  It is possible for people like you and me from third world countries to be a part of this billion dollar industry of people who are finding ways to make money online.  It just requires commitment and perseverance to weather through the trying times.

I am living proof I have been making money online since 2014, and I would like to share some of the ways you can make money online and highlight the ways I make money online in Jamaica.

7 Ways to Make Money Online in Jamaica

I am sure you can find many more ways to make money online that will be suitable for you that you can comfortably earn from online each month.

So let us check out this list with all the resources that will help you to make money online.  Free free to add any other you have discovered in the comment box below.

  1.  Make Money Blogging        make money online in Jamaica

Blogging is one of the safest and best ways to make money online.  With determination and the right skills, you should be able to make at least $1000 per month from blogging.  It is easy to start and take little or no investment.

Blogging is also one of the easiest and most sustainable income sources on the internet right now.   As long as your website is in a profitable niche with excellent content and targeting the right audience you should be able to make money online.

It takes time to start seeing the money coming in but trust me if you stick to it, it gets better and better over time and the money will start rolling in.  I started making money from my blog about six months of blogging.  It was not much but it was encouraging to continue pushing.

What is Blogging?

A blog is creating a website and writing about your passion, giving the solution to a problem, sharing your hobby, giving expert advice or just sharing your thoughts.  You then use some marketing strategies to get people to visit your website read your articles and then you can offer them a product or service for sale.    You can also make money from google adsense (this is where companies advertise on your blog through Google).

2.      Freelancing    make money online in Jamaica

For me freelancing was my biggest earner when I just started working online.  I believe it is one of the biggest opportunity from which you can make money online.  There are thousands of online jobs daily.

You can provide services like translation, transcription, writing, editing/proofreading, web designing, data entry, virtual assistant, video maker, graphic designing and the list goes on and on………

There are dozens of popular freelance sites that offer you hundreds of different jobs from which you can find ways to make money online.

3.      Make Money on Youtube Vlogging make money online in Jamaica

Youtube is the place for video so if you can find a niche and create great videos you can make money online.

Vlogging or video blogging is where you create and upload great videos if your videos are special and people like it then you earn revenue by partnering with Google. Thousands of people are making good income running their own channel on YouTube.

So go ahead and find ways you can make money online through Youtube.


4.   Social Media Management   make money online in Jamaica

Companies, business people and celebrities are always in need of persons to manage their social media pages.

If you are familiar with the popular social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc.  you can find ways to make money online by working as a manager for these pages.

You must have experience (you can also learn the skills, there are many online courses) with social media platform likes Facebook where you can run a successful campaign if you are working with a company or a business person.

There is also a great scope for handling Twitter account of celebrities, companies or other big personalities where you will tweet on their behalf & manage the followers and responses.

Be creative and find new ways to make money online through this popular medium.


5.    Write and sell eBooks Online make money online in Jamaica

If you are good at writing; or you are willing to learn you can write eBooks and sell online. You can also outsource the writing of the books the service is available online.

You can write about anything you have knowledge of or willing to learn.   You can write about how to make money online, how to care for your pets, beaches in Jamaica, Jamaica, relationships, parenting or anything you like then you can create an eBook and sell it online for any reasonable amount you choose.


6.   Playing Online Games    make money online in Jamaica

If you are a person who loves to play and explore online games then there are ways you can make money online.  You can make money online playing games online. There are companies who develop online games and they need people who can play and test these games online.

You get paid by the hour for playing these games.


7.   Doing Micro jobs    make money online in Jamaica

There are simple jobs online which provides opportunity and ways to make money online.  These are jobs like reading ads, doing surveys, watching videos, liking people post/pics on social media, participate in focus groups etc.

These jobs do not pay a lot, in fact, they pay cents to a $1 or $2 the most but they are easy and if you can manage your time you can easily make between $300-$500 per month.  I know of persons who earn up to $1000 per month but that is not an easy task.  However, if you are willing to put in the work it can be done.

So go ahead now and explore the many ways to make money online.  Come back and leave comments on your success.

Some of the popular websites you can visit to find jobs in these areas are:

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